Welcome to the Signed Cricket gallery!

Below are examples of my hand-lettering work to give you an idea of the different styles I offer.
You may mention any of these as a style reference when you start your own project with me ― learn more about the custom order process here! 
Important note: all pieces are shown for example purposes only―not for sale or reproduction. Any use other than as a reference for a Signed Cricket custom project is a violation of my site's Terms of Use which you may view here. By continuing to use this site, you agree to these terms :)


Paper Pieces


Wood Pieces




Reclaimed Pieces

I've added calligraphy onto existing pieces like stained pallet signs and solid wood plaques to turn them into custom decor. The possibilities are endless!
To personalize a well-loved item you already own, share the details with me using the form below. 


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