About Me


I’m Emily, a watercolor painter and calligrapher based in Knoxville, TN. My work is heavily inspired by nature and my faith, with a big dose of imagination ✨

Like many artists, I was the child that filled notebooks with doodles. I was also the college student that decorated the back of their test papers and the night shifter that drew on the whiteboard during breaks. In 2020-2021, my life changed drastically, laying the groundwork for Signed Cricket.


The number one question I get is: "Why 'Cricket'?"

Growing up, I felt shy and insignificant. Social situations were tough to navigate, so I retreated into my own little inner world to think deep thoughts and explore creative outlets including doodling, playing music, and reading countless books.

During my late teens I slowly realized that my life had significance no matter how public it was, and that I could encourage the people I did have in my life like a cricket filling its corner with music. Ever since then, more and more of that inner world has crept into my art and been set free.

Because art has been so deeply personal to me, I work to offer other people the same experience. Custom pieces were the first art I ever sold and continue to be the heart of Signed Cricket today.


My mission is to make whimsical art accessible.

Let me break down what that means.

  1. Accessible information—a website with plenty of details about my products + a transparent custom order process

  2. Accessible design—because calligraphy that no one can read isn’t worth buying (yes, I went there)

  3. Accessible pricing—a range of products and price points


My art is for you if:

  • You get frustrated by the limited selection of home decor in big-box stores

  • You want custom art but have no idea where to start because there are so many options and industry terms floating around online

  • You love whimsical things like swirly letters, miniature houses, and trailing vines


Conversely, you won’t be very happy here if:

  • You compare the prices with HomeGoods

  • You need things shipped in two days flat like Amazon

  • You find the quality of mass-produced, trendy decor satisfactory


Want more?

I tend to forget to update my website until something major happens, so I recommend subscribing to my emails! Folks on my email list receive updates consisting of a short conversational message + a cheerful piece of art or two to brighten your day.

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