Custom Watercolor-Bordered Calligraphy

Want a piece of wall art like no other?

Let's start from scratch and design one using your favorite flowers (or colors) and a quote that's meaningful to you.

I can create painted floral arrangements using your birth month flower, the flowers at your wedding, even a special flower from your backyard growing up. 

Choose 3-5 kinds of flowers for a lush look (think cottage garden brimming with flowers!), or limit your choices to 1-2 kinds of flowers for an elegant feel. Remember to specify the colors you like best as well.

Are the possibilities exciting you yet? The sky's the limit!


I make each piece by hand in my studio using cold-press watercolor paper, watercolor, and archival ink.
Your piece will ship unframed, allowing you (or your gift recipient) to choose a frame you love.


I can accommodate any size up to 11" x 14". Choose from the list of common sizes below, or enter your custom size.


Custom pieces begin at $75 and vary based on the size and complexity of your project. You'll receive an itemized quote by email as part of the order process, which you can review and pay right from your phone!

Ready to Get Started?

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For more general details, refer to the Custom Orders page.