Cut Christmas Card Overwhelm in 3 Steps

For the last 10 years, I've kept a long list of names and addresses to write to at Christmas.

And every year I've had to pare it down.

Why? Because staring at a cascading pile of cards quickly turns this tradition into a dreaded chore. And there's no better way to suck the joy out of something.

So let's make it simple this year. 

Step one: Narrow down your list.

Who are the people that light up when your card arrives in the mailbox? The people that text you right away gushing over the photo you included, or send back a card of their own?
These are your special few.
Keep this list small and manageable; and send everyone else a text or email. If you have the energy, you can always write a few more cards... but starting with a short list means you're more likely to get those cards sent! 

Step two: Decide on a mailing date.

If delivery by Christmas is important to you, leave yourself a little cushion by setting the target date early (beginning of December). That way the cards will still arrive on time even if you run a few days behind getting them sent out... and if they don't, no guilt there ️️️😊 

Keep in mind the most important part of this tradition: your connection with each special person on the receiving end.


Step three: Choose your cards.

What matters most to you-—the design on the front? The size and space to write? The Christmas message?
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