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I'm having trouble sitting still at my desk these days.

Signed Cricket will soon be offering not one but TWO new products. The greeting cards featuring four printed floral designs will launch in early October, but today I want to introduce you to the other newcomer.

Watercolor-Bordered Calligraphy

I admit that I've changed the name several times and may change it again at some point... suggestions welcome.

But the concept is simple: wall art featuring calligraphy nestled in a bed of flowers. (And maybe other things in the future!)

How It's Made

I use watercolors to decorate all the edges of a piece of watercolor paper with flowers. Then I pick up my black brush pen and hand-letter a quote in the centera verse, a song lyric, even a name.

The most special part? The texture.

The slight roughness of the watercolor paper and the occasional paint splatters add charm that you won't find at [insert nation-wide home decor store here] 😉




What's Included

Each order includes the piece's dimensions for an accurate fit. Custom orders can be any size up to 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm).

As a person who agonizes over my own frame choices, I also provide you with suggestions to give you some color and size ideas as you choose your frame and mat.


What's Special

Every piece is hand-made from start to finish.

Furthermore, this type of wall art can be anything from completely pre-made to completely custom. That opens up a world of possibilities, especially when it comes to gift-giving.

Let me explain.

+ Custom

We start with a blank piece of watercolor paper and you choose the flowers (or colors) and quote you want. This option is a great fit for occasions where every detail has special significance, like:
  • a wedding anniversary (with flowers inspired by the bride's bouquet)
  • a baby shower (could incorporate the birth month flower or nursery colors)

    + Personalized

    The flowers are already painted, but there's a blank space in the center of the page waiting for me to add the quote you choose (up to 30 words). Perfect for:
    • birthdays
    • housewarming parties
    • moving-away gifts

    + Ready to Ship

    The flowers are painted and the words are hand-lettered, as shown in the example picture above. It will arrive in your mailbox sooner than the other two options because the piece is already complete... which makes it ideal for last-minute gifts!


    When It's Coming

    September 26, 2022! 💛


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