Black Friday 2022

Want to join me at the kitchen counter?

I'm running to the store for cranberries soon, but I wanted us to stop and breathe for a moment first.

Social media is buzzing and online deals are splashed over every billboard and web page you'll see this month. It's a lot!

I was planning to create my own Black Friday offer for you... right up until I got sick. (Just a cold, but it lasted a full week and took the wind out of my sails.)

But you know what? Being sick forced me to drop the less important things (fancy sale offers) and focus on what matters most: sharing Thanksgiving with my hubby's family 🦃

Who matters most to YOU this week? 

Spend time with them first, and then see what you have left.

Black Friday deals are fun, but don't let anyone guilt you for paring down your shopping or even skipping the sales altogether, if you need to. 

And when you're ready to shop for meaningful gifts at your own pace next week, my store will be here! 🥰 

Happy Thanksgiving 💛


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