Year-End Recap | 2023

I skipped making one of those aesthetic year-in-review videos circulating social media. It's been a hectic month, so typing this summary with a peppermint hot chocolate nearby sounded far more relaxing 🙃

Highlights of 2023

  • Spring collection of greeting cards and 8x10s that featured sprays of daffodils and tulips (my biggest print project ever, at the time)
  • Custom calligraphy orders ranging from 11" (set inside a reclaimed clock frame) to a massive pallet wood sign measuring 42" x 26" 
  • An ever-evolving miniature watercolor painting collection 
  • Christmas collection of greeting cards, 8x10s, and gift tags; featured 12 tiny houses and took over 2 months to complete, making it the current title holder of Biggest Print Project 😉 
  • Two festivals here in the Knoxville area 😍

Coming in 2024

  • A small batch of winter-themed watercolor miniatures ❄️ 
  • A set of calligraphy originals featuring encouraging reminders of God's presence
  • The return of spring-themed products in March-April
...and more announcements to come, further down the road 😉

Thank You

There were rough patches this year when I wasn't sure whether Signed Cricket would be around in 2024. I count myself privileged to be sitting here now, dreaming up cozy paintings and getting excited for the new year. 
Whether you're new here or have been around since the beginning, thank you so much for your support 💛

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